The Best Coworking Space in NYC

Anyone looking for workspace these days cannot avoid considering coworking space in NYC.  Coworking is not just about open space and desk sharing.  Private office space is just as much a part of the workspace model.  Whether you are looking for open space coworking or a private office space, there has never been a greater amount of options.  Each unique coworking space in NYC gives you the opportunity to find a place that meets your specific workspace requirement.

Traditionally, “coworking” referred to open team rooms with rows of community tables and lounge seating.  The time has come that workspace providers like Workspace by Rockefeller Group are offering their version of coworking.  Here, you can work from one of the best addresses in the world, at a cost that has never been achievable. With rates that are competitive with any area in New York City, you can work in Rockefeller Center and have access to coworking spaces,  private offices, meeting rooms, lounges and blazing fast Wi-Fi.  Not only will you find that our workspace will meet your requirement, but you can now take advantage of Rockefeller Center’s amazing tenant program.  With their rooftop garden on top of Radio City Music Hall, their penthouse clubroom with balconies on top of 1 Rockefeller Plaza, and their amazing support services, there is no workspace that is more well-rounded.


Rockefeller Center is one of the most iconic parts of NYC, recognized worldwide.  This area offers a unique combination of business benefits, laced with a wide variety of restaurants, pubs, shopping and the arts.  With subways connected to the building, a quick walk to Grand Central Station and a steady flow of taxis, accessibility couldn’t be any easier. With such prominence and easy accessibility, this location can quickly alleviate any unnecessary stress that is not welcome with any new entrepreneur. At Workspace by Rockefeller Group, we felt that the best coworking space in NYC should not only be convenient, but create the perfect work-life balance.

Invigorating Environment

Quiet and private, yet bustling with activity, Rockefeller Center will help motivate you in ways that working from home can’t.  This unique combination of activity is instrumental to being considered one of the best coworking spaces in NYC.  Access to private offices, meeting rooms and an administrative staff, Workspace by Rockefeller Group will impress your clients and give your staff the conveniences they demand.

Short Term Agreements with Low Rates

Since 1994, Workspace by Rockefeller Group has understood the value of working with young entrepreneurs.  By offering flexibility, we have watched our members grow into some of the top business professionals in the world.  It is imperative to be flexible if you want to consider yourself the best coworking spaces in NYC.

Get Connected

If NYC wasn’t enough, Rockefeller Center is an unbeatable location.  Nowhere will you find a greater concentration of prominent business professionals.  Surround yourself with the best, network with them and watch your business grow.  At the best coworking space in NYC, you must be able to network and make connections with those around you.

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