The Easiest Way to Open a Remote Office in New York

Does your company have a need for a remote office? Perhaps you are expanding into a new market or are doing some contract work and will need a remote office in New York. Here are a few things to consider before you start the hunt for office space.

Drawbacks of Traditional Office Space for your Remote Office

Setting up a workspace in a new region can be intimidating for anyone. The complexity of finding and furnishing a remote office in New York can be overwhelming.  Comparing office spaces, estimating costs, and every other step can be overwhelming.

Why not look into a full service or furnished office to meet your needs? A full service office can eliminate the stress of finding a workspace for your remote office in New York. With a full-service office, you will not have to find furniture, set up a network, or even hire administrative.

Furnished v. Full Service

Furnished offices can save time and money by providing all of the furniture and an IT infrastructure.

A full service office differs from a furnished office in the sense that a full service office generally provides administrative staff and services. The staff can answer calls, arrange catering, and handle many of the other time-consuming daily tasks to allow you to work more productively.

Workspace by Rockefeller Group has some of the best modern office space in the most prestigious areas in New York. We offer both furnished and full service office space, as well as co-working and virtual office solutions. With locations at Wall Street, Rockefeller Plaza, and Fifth Avenue, we have a perfect space for your remote office in New York.