Things To Consider When Choosing A NYC Coworking Workspace

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There are several key decisions to make when starting your first company. One of them is the type of office space that best fits your business model. You can choose a home office and a remote team, but it is hard to forge your company culture that way. Many startups with limited budgets choose a NYC coworking workspace where they share space with a multitude of other small businesses. This option is budget friendly and can work for some but may be challenging for others. Coworking centers are flexible and low cost alternative to private offices.


NYC Coworking Location

First you have to choose a location that best fits with the company culture you want to establish. You can choose from a location with a strict business feeling to a looser artsy neighborhood. Be mindful that the culture of the neighborhood, to a degree, becomes your culture. Choosing the location with the right mix will lay the foundation for your company model.


NYC Coworking Distractions

It is important to consider the distractions of loosely run coworking spaces. Often people are inconsiderately loud. Networking can sometimes turn into a distraction if people are approaching you and your team for the wrong reasons. Some people play music that helps them concentrate but is distracting to others. Distractions of this sort can reduce productivity. A space with good management and firm rules can be a better option, investing in a private space might also be a good idea.


Permanent or Floating Desk

Find out if you are allocated a permanent desk or if desks are distributed on first come first serve basis. Are you willing to risk being seated by the kitchen or elevator every time you are late? Sometimes it is worth to pay a little more to get a low traffic spot, so you can be more productive. Successful business models require a lot of focused work and diligence in picking the right workspace goes a long way.



Are the hours of operation convenient to your working schedule? Some spaces are 24/7 but others are 8am to 6pm with no weekends. If you prefer working evenings or like to put in an extra day make sure you choose carefully. You should choose a space that is flexible and is available in the times when you are most productive.


Virtual address

Some coworking centers in NYC offer a virtual address for your business, which comes with a telephone line, address listing, mail handling. It is an important perk to be able to list a prominent address on your website and business card. Your image will improve and so will others’ perception of you, including your customers. It is important to boost your image with every tool you have at hand and a virtual address is a relatively low cost way to do that.


Amenity fees and terms

How are shared amenities distributed and how long in advance do you have to schedule a meeting room. Coworking spaces offer flexibility, but sometimes have hidden rules and fees that can be an unpleasant surprise. Meeting rooms are an essential amenity where you can discuss proprietary information. Gathering your team periodically for product updates and policy changes is important and you want this need to be accommodated without hassle.


NYC Coworking Administrative Support

Find out if the rent includes printing, copying and faxing or you have to pay per use. How can you use the video and audio equipment? Is there tech support staff? You want a space that is flexible and hospitable towards your needs. How many devices can you connect to WiFi and what is the speed? These details can help you choose your coworking center in NYC better and manage future costs.