Things To Know When Looking For A Podcast Studio In NYC

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There are a ton of options for podcast studio rentals in NYC. However, it is not always easy to choose the right one for your needs. You have music, photography, and film studios. Some are suited for top-level professional artists and are priced accordingly. Different studios specialize in different services and provide specific amenities. There are the mid-level professionals and there are studios that cater to customers that don’t need top sound and lighting. For most podcasts, a quiet room is all you will need. Here are some things to consider when looking for podcast studio in NYC:




If your technical requirements are not specific, it may be worth for you to rent a space with equipment. Some studios will have the basics included and will have the premium gear for an additional charge. If you have your own equipment or rent the specific gear you need from a place that works for you, your space rental cost will be significantly reduced. If you don’t need tech support and are bringing everything in, all you need to look for is space with the right ambiance and minimum noise levels.

Lights and backdrop

Depending on your podcast’s demands, you have to consider the studio lights and props. For less demanding shoots, studio lights may not be necessary. If you have your own lights or if you prefer natural light environment, a well-lit loft may work for your recording. Consider alternatives to traditional studios if your subject allows it and your equipment needs are light. Your needs can range from a tripod floodlight to a complex cinematography setup. If your requirements are specific, it may be worth it to rent lights.

Room size and acoustics

Your main concern is the noise levels of the studio or office you will use to shoot. You don’t want any noise pollution in your video to distract your viewers. Many traditional music studios are soundproof but have clumsy setups for video shoots. If you are not dependent on the studio equipment, you might just rent a conference room on a really high floor for interview type podcasts or shoots that can fit in that kind of environment. If you are looking for ambience you probably want to avoid windowless studios. Invest in good quality microphones and get a naturally well-lit space.


When you are doing your research, ask for references or anyone that you might know that have shot podcasts in the spaces on your short list. You can find all the technical information online, but sometimes the recommendation of a colleague or experienced professional can make all the difference in finding the right space for your needs.