Is It Time To Leave The Coffee Shop Office Space

Coffee Shop Office Space


It is not secret that coffee shops are a very popular way of working.  For years, employers have debated over the effectiveness of allowing their employees to work in such an environment. cites 5 reasons proving that productivity is actually higher then a traditional office environment.

Based on studies from Harvard Business Review, there is a strong case proving that coffee shop office space noise will help you be more productive.  Their findings say that the employee is able to escape the petty and annoying behaviors of their coworkers.

Employees have proven that they can work outside the office.  They no longer need managers monitoring their every move. Employers know that so long as the work is complete, it only benefits the company if the work is completed more efficiently.

When interviewing successful employees in coffee shop office space, they cite that work efforts they witness are infectious. They find themselves working harder while others worked too.

Last, it was proven that trust is demonstrated by the employee and company by cutting out the cubicle.  Originally, it was perceived that employees had to be watched.  This theory has been proven inaccurate.  If you trust your employees, they will not take advantage of the freedom.

No one can argue with the facts of success, but what if you could experience this environment, combined with a the business support of a contemporary workspace? What if the same noise levels, activity and networking could be achieved, not at a public place, but in an office with support, technology and meeting space?  Wouldn’t this provide the worker with the best of both worlds?

If The Coffee Shop Office Space Works, Why Leave?

As rapidly as the trend of working in a coffee shop grew, so has the popularity of co-working.  From 400+ locations to 17,000 today, and a projection to 30,000, it’s clear coworking offers a productive solution.

Within a coworking environment such as Workspace by Rockefeller Group, you will find an energy charged environment, but with a professional support staff, open spaces, private offices, a professional address and even meeting rooms. It is not uncommon to see clients come together from different backgrounds and bring their collaborative efforts together to bolster up their own businesses.

Last, it’s the coworking environment that allows you to continue thriving in a fast paced environment. But with the professional ambiance when necessary.