Use a Virtual Office with Mail Forwarding to Expand Your Business

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Are you looking to expand your business into new territories? Do you run a business from your home and would like to have a more presentable arrangement? Would you like the ability to test a new market without the financial risk and hassle of a complete field office setup? A virtual office with services like mail forwarding may be the solution to help your business grow.

Virtual Office vs. Traditional Office Space

One of the largest barriers to entry for many small business owners is the cost of commercial office space. Business owners may not be able to take their business to the next level because of the prohibitively expensive and high-risk leases that are available for commercial space. These businesses may benefit greatly from a virtual office setup with mail forwarding.

The cost of a virtual office is a small fraction of the price of a traditional office, yet it allows you many of the same advantages of having a traditional office. You can have a physical address to receive mail and mail forwarding to allow you to work from wherever you like. You can even have a private telephone number with the local area code and personalized telephone answering to give your remote business more of a professional polish.

A Plan to Fit Your Needs

Mail forwarding services come with every virtual office plan offered at Workspace by Rockefeller Group, but there are many other services and amenities available as well. Meeting rooms, day offices, and a variety of other business resources are offered as part of our plans or as needed by the day or hour.

Don’t let the high prices of traditional office space keep you from taking your business to the next level. Visit Workspace by Rockefeller or call 800-994-7422 to speak with one of their representatives about the best solution for your business space needs.