Virtual Business Address FAQ

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What is a virtual business address?

A virtual business address (also known as a virtual office) is a service that business owners can use to receive mail at a location other than their primary location or residence. In a business center setting, there are often additional services and amenities that are available with different plans. Phone answering, a private phone number, mail forwarding, and meeting room access are just a few of the typical services available in addition to mail reception.

What are the benefits of a virtual business address?

For businesses looking to expand into new markets, a virtual business address can allow them to have a foothold in a new city for a fraction of the cost of a physical office space. A virtual office can allow businesses to test new locations for under $100 per month. Trying to find a physical satellite office for that price is simply unthinkable in most cities.

For small business owners, the benefits go well beyond saving money. Having a business address, especially a prestigious business, address can raise the reputation of a small business. A well-known address on a business card or website can be just the thing a small business needs to stick out to potential clients, customers, and investors.

Is it a long-term commitment? 

No. Plans for virtual office addresses are generally very flexible, especially when compared to the standard 3 to 5 year leases of physical office spaces. Depending on the provider, you can often find virtual office plans for 1 year, 6 month, 3 month, or even month-to-month arrangements.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a virtual business address can vary widely depending on the location and services included in the plan. They are significantly less expensive than a physical office space and many plans are available for well under $100 per month.

How can I acquire a virtual business address?

Look for virtual office solutions within your city. Compare prices, services, and plans between different providers to find the right solution for your business. Business centers are likely to have a virtual office plan and they often cater to the entrepreneurs and small businesses.