What is Call Answering?

What is call answering, simply defined, is the process of having a professional team to answer your telephone calls for you, then transferring them to whatever telephone number you provide. This service can be as simple as a blind transfer of the call, to call screening and even message taking.  Your calls can be transferred to any one of your given phone numbers, including your office, cell phone or home phone.

Historically, a company would have an in-house staff to manage this task, but with modern phone platforms, it is more cost effective and efficient to use a service that is centrally located.  Such services will manage the staff for you, including training, hiring and managing quality control.

What Are Some Advantages to Having A Call Answering Service?

According to The Washington Post, an estimated 50% of all cell phone calls are SPAM.  By employing a call answering service, practically all of these calls will never get to you.

Live Call Answering

Think about all the interruptions you would be avoiding by putting someone between you and the call. Studies show that a work interruption lingers far longer then the time spent with the distraction.  The recovery time needed to regroup your thoughts is staggering.  There are studies that have indicated that it takes 25 minutes to recover from an interruption.  Others say that the average worker loses 6 hours a day due to interruptions.

Employees are working longer hours and taking fewer breaks.  It is important to consider any tool that can cut your workload and make you as efficient as possible.

What is call answering?

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