NYC Coworking Space Defined

 What is Coworking Space?

Coworking space is generally defined as a shared office environment.  Providers like Workspace by Rockefeller Group, lease large spaces and develop office solutions for individuals and companies. Primarily, members sub-lease private office space, coworking space or virtual office solutions. Members have access to meeting rooms, support staff, IT infrastructure and community spaces.

What is The Advantage of Coworking Space?

The most significant reason for using coworking space is having the convenience of someone else managing the environment.  Coworking space providers offer services such as administrative support,NYC Office Space view of St. Patrick's Cathedralsuper fast internet access, furniture, and maintenance.  These providers give the end user the ability to get the best address without the effort typically needed to maintain such an infrastructure.

Not only do you benefit from the ease of not having to manage an office, but unlike a home office, you are instantly surrounded by likeminded business professionals.  This creates a naturally motivating and networking environment with an energetic buzz. By surrounding yourself with others, they get to know you, your company and your ethics.  This is a sure way to increase business without having to go look for it.

Who Uses Coworking Space?

One thing is certain; the evolution of the work environment has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.  Workers are moving faster, becoming more mobile and they are working alone.  Some reports show that nearly 27 million Americans are in the process of leaving their current employment to become self-employed.  This means that 33% of the workforce is going to be considered self employed. (link underlined text to respective pages)

At Workspace by Rockefeller Group, there is a wide variety of members ranging from start-ups to companies that are well established.  Some members only need the space for a day, while others have flourished there for over 20 years.  Law firms, financial planners, nonprofits and consultants have all benefited from their use of private office space, coworking space or virtual office solutions. If you have to ask “what is coworking space”, you might want to Learn how easy it is to elevate your image by getting the best address.