What is The Most Expensive Office Space in The World?

With regard to real estate, what is the most expensive real estate in the world is one of the most frequently asked questions. Everyone wants to know what the most expensive real estate is because it typically correlates with the best, and every one wants the best.  One city that makes the list of most expensive year after year is New York City, more specifically, Midtown Manhattan.  And when you picture Midtown Manhattan, you think Rockefeller Center, the alpha of all office space in the most expensive part of one of the most expensive cities in the world.


According to The Real Deal, , Midtown Manhattan is ranked second, only to Central Hong Kong.  If  “Midtown Manhattan”, is the second highest in the world, can you imagine what it costs to rent office space in Rockefeller Center.  With occupancy rates hovering around 95%, good luck finding what you are looking for.


Rockefeller Center Office Space for Small Business

If finding office space is hard enough, it is even more difficult to find small spaces if you are a small business.  If you work alone or have a team of fewer than 10 employees, it is not that easy to find an office that meets your criteria.  In this case, the most practical way for your small business to break into the most expense market in the world is to move into a serviced office space like Workspace by Rockefeller Group.

Workspace by Rockefeller Group

Workspace by Rockefeller Group

Here are some important facts that make serviced office space the right move when you are dealing with such an intense per square foot rate.  When you take an office, you only pay for the space that you occupy.  When renting traditional office space, you are paying for corridors, bathrooms, stairs, and meeting rooms that are only occasionally used. Yes, you pay a premium per SF, but when you take into consideration all of the space that you would have to lease in traditional space, moving into the most expensive office space in the world is now cost effective.

What is The Most Expensive Real Estate in The World?

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