What Services Do Coworking Spaces Offer?

When you think of a coworking space, you probably imagine a large open space with rows of desks and a big lounge area.  A contemporary coworking space has so much more to offer.  The key services of a coworking space include private office space, meeting rooms and virtual office services.  When considering the best work environment for you and your business, you will want to learn more about all the services and features of a coworking space.

Private Office Space

You might not know this, but most coworking spaces do offer private offices.  Utilizing a private office in a coworking space provides the best of both worlds.  With this option, you can enjoy the privacy of your own workspace while still having access to everything coworking.  You can enjoy the common areas, support, and management of a coworking space all with the privacy of your own space.  Here, you can keep your files, computers, and branding without the high cost of a long-term office.

Meeting Rooms

Even if you don’t need a place to work, you can still access on-demand meeting room space.  This has become the most popular way for remote workers to manage their operating costs and have a professional place to meet with clients or team members.

Remote Support

Just because you never need to work in an office or meet with clients, doesn’t mean that you don’t need a business address or a support team.  As a remote worker, you can complete your work-life balance with a business address and telephone number.  Don’t give out your home address or personal phone number when you can have both for such a low cost.  Coworking places such as Workspace by Rockefeller Group can provide you with a business address or a 212-area coded phone number for as little as $35 a month.  Their team can receive your mail at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, send you a photo of what you received, then forward it to your home office.  Elevate your image with a 212-area coded phone number that forwards to your cell phone and can even be turned off after hours.

The modern coworking space is far more that just an open team room with a fancy coffee maker.  Providers such as Workspace by Rockefeller Group are the ultimate business support.  Learn more today.