Who Uses Coworking Spaces? The Modern Workforce Embraces Flexible Office Solutions

Coworking spaces have been sprouting up since the mid 2000s—with coffeeshop vibes, couches, and comfy alternative seating. 

But since then, the scope of coworking has changed. Remote work, flexibility, and entrepreneurship have all skyrocketed. 

So, who uses coworking spaces now? Read on to find out.

The Breakdown on Who Uses Coworking Spaces

There is no one demographic that fits the coworking model. Coworking spaces are utilized by a wide range of workers. 

The demographic breakdown is also evenly split between men and women. While the target user skews young (according to DeskMag, 65% of the people using coworking are under the age of 40), workers of all ages can be found in coworking spaces. 

But what about industry? Workers from a wide range, including IT, public relations, marketing, sales, and even lawyers, frequent coworking spaces. 

However, freelancers make up the largest portion of coworking space usage. 

Coworking: A Supplement Instead of a Replacement

Coworking spaces can certainly provide a full-time office solution. But the majority of users are looking for flexibility. Less than a quarter of people who use coworking spaces do so on a full-time basis. 

That means that the vast majority of those who use coworking spaces are either supplementing their main office space or working less than full-time business hours. 

Most workers who use coworking spaces primarily work from a home office. They might need a coworking space for meetings, or even for a change of scenery. Others travel frequently from their main offices and need a workspace in a different location. 

Why Do People Use Coworking Spaces?

There are plenty of reasons why workers choose to utilize coworking spaces. Many of them have come to the realization that they need to increase their professional image. They might have started their businesses from home but want to elevate their brands with business addresses, telephone services, and a professional environment to meet with clients or team members. 

Coworking spaces also offer networking opportunities, connecting freelancers and business owners from all industries as they come together committed to productivity. 

The social aspect of a coworking space is also appealing to those who tire of the isolation that comes with working from home. 

Who uses coworking spaces?  Find out it this is the best workspace for you.

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