Workspace by Rockefeller Group Client Roundtable:

What Our Clients Say About The Value of Our Workspace Services

Advantages of Workspace Services

Workspace by Rockefeller Group takes pride in providing the highest level of workspace services to our members. We strive to provide a professional space that makes our client’s workday as smooth and productive as possible.

More than 80 years ago, our parent company, Rockefeller Group, developed the legendary Rockefeller Center complex. Workspace by Rockefeller Group continues that legacy, providing professional workspace solutions for modern workers. 

In recent years, flexible workspaces have become more vital than ever. Our goal is always to remain on the cutting edge of the office space industry, offering solutions to suit all business needs. We’re confident in our ability to do just that. But if you’re considering renting with Workspace by Rockefeller Group, you don’t just want to hear from us—you also want to hear from our members. 

We sat down for a roundtable with some of our clients to better understand how our services impact their businesses. Find out what our clients had to say:

How do you feel about the value of our workspace services?

Workspace by Rockefeller Group: From Support to Networking Opportunities

“Frankly, the best value of all the business centers. It is scalable and the office manager always tries to accommodate your needs.  In addition, you meet great people running their business from the same location.” —Guido Pompilj

We’re happy to hear that our business support services are helping Guido and others like him. Shared office spaces provide ample networking opportunities to meet other business owners. Our full-service solutions offer far more than just a workspace. 

Workspace by Rockefeller Group: The Ideal Environment

“Exceptional service!  And the friendly environment is something to look forward to.” -Karla Blanche

We appreciate Karla’s comment—we pride ourselves in offering more than just an elegant environment. Anybody can provide a furnished office space. The difference is in the details—the high level of service and support we bring to the table. 

Workspace by Rockefeller Group: Value, Professionalism, and Elegance

“It’s a bit more money than many competitors charge, but it’s far nicer, and more professional space.” —Marco Rossi: 

We aim to offer higher value and more professional spaces than any of our competitors. 

How has the convenience of our services impacted your business? 

Workspace by Rockefeller Group: Flexibility and Aesthetics

“The conference room space is beautiful and professional and available for flexible time periods to keep down the cost.” —Marco Rossi

Our professionally curated conference rooms are one of our special touches. Clients appreciate the visual appeal and flexibility in our terms. 

Workspace by Rockefeller Group: Convenient Solutions for All Business Structures

“Workspace by Rockefeller Group provides the flexibility to work within global, national and local structures.” —Denise D: 

We’re glad to know that our workspace solutions allow business owners to work with different structures and needs. 

Workspace by Rockefeller Group: Virtual Presence at a Prestigious Location

“When we grew and needed more space than we could afford at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, we did not have to change all our marketing material but we simply subscribed for an affordable virtual presence just adding the new address to our website.” —Guido Pompilj: 

Come See Us For Yourself

If you are looking for an office space in New York, Workspace by Rockefeller Group provides a superior level of workspace services that will help your businesses stay flexible and productive. 

We have flexible office space to accommodate a wide variety of business needs in some of the most prestigious and iconic locations in the city. 

Come take a tour of our Rockefeller Plaza, and 5th Avenue locations to see these elegant workspaces and learn more about the excellent business support services that we provide our clients.  See the benefits of Rockefeller Center too.  The tenant amenity program is the perfect support to our workspace services.