Content and Copywriting in NYC

Copywriting in NYC

Your clients don't buy your services or products—they buy you. That's why the words you use matter. From communicating your brand story to communicating with potential customers through email, every touchpoint should be carefully crafted to align with your brand image and resonate with your audience.

Cassie Henderson Nguyen and her team specialize in story-based copywriting for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Cassie leverages her background in marketing to weave your brand's unique attributes into persuasive copy. Services include sales pages, lead magnets, product packaging copy, and email sequences.

About Cassie...

Cassie, the sales funnel copywriter spent years writing in marketing agencies, helping clients craft copy for their funnels. she has worked in Steve Larsen’s OfferLab program, writing high-ticket funnels for entrepreneurs. She has written for multiple six and seven-figure coaches and entrepreneurs as well.

Cassie has learned the secrets to a great funnel, and what makes some funnels fall flat. She can put the romance back in your funnel copy so your prospects fall in love with you.

From ads to emails to webinars to sales pages, she writes your full funnel, so that every piece works together to lead your buyer where you want them to go.

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