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C-Suite Accelerator

45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111

Executive Coaching and Executive Development in NYC with CSuite Accelerator is a premier resource for high-achieving corporate VP’s who are ready to set their path to the C-Suite.

In the 20+ years that Ephraim has been coaching executives and senior leaders, he has seen every form of Leadership Development, program and process.

He recognizes that there is a wide variety of opportunities out there on how to make the important transition from individual contributor to someone who manages people. Where Ephraim thrives is turning a talented leader into a executive.

Ephraim Schacter

About CSuite Accelerator

CSuite Accelerator provides premier executive coaching and consultation to senior leaders and their teams.  Their program is designed to help executives deliberately choose behavior to optimize organizational results.  They bring  proven capabilities and methodologies in Executive Assessment, Development and Alignment which help clients achieve maximum organizational performance.

Executive Assessment

Employ rigorous and thorough methodologies to assess:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Organizational dynamics

Executive Development

Map strategies to ensure traction for:

  • Critical leadership transitions, e.g., newly hired/promoted C-Suite execs
  • Accelerated learning of targeted proficiencies
    Retention of “high-potentials”
  • Prevention of career derailment

Executive Alignment

Design and facilitate processes and experiences to enhance:

  • Executive buy-in on mission, vision, values, strategy and/or action planning
  • Executive and senior team performance
  • CEO and “Inner Circle” relationships

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